Utensil Bags and more!

We’re so excited about our new Utensil bags! They’re big enough to comfortably carry your reusable utensils, straws and napkins, but compact enough to fold up when not in use, and fit easily in most bags. They are waterproof, easy to clean, and just awesome. We’re launching them on our Etsy store at the beginning of August, but if you want them sooner, we’ll have … Continue reading Utensil Bags and more!

Upcoming Cons and New Pride Prints!

June is almost over and I’m finally posting about our awesome new pride prints and our upcoming cons in July! We’ve got some great new pride prints that are being added to our standard offerings, have some pictures! We’re also going to be at Blerdcon this year, and at Otakon! We’ve got some new utensil bags we’ll be debuting and some exclusive booth prints, so … Continue reading Upcoming Cons and New Pride Prints!