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We don't just make product to support personal and global change; we're also a community. We'd love for you to join us in whatever capacity fits you best, so that we can help each other make a future that's thriveable for all, a reality.

Our community thrives on Patreon, in email, on social media and at cons!

First and foremost are our patrons, who let us commit the amount of time and energy that we do, and who are committed to similar missions.  Our Patreon offers subscriptions for stocking up on fun reusable options, as well as a smaller mission-focused tier. Patrons get advance notice on sales and limited releases, and shopping access to discontinued fabrics and product prototypes! Patrons also get to have more direct input on prints, content and future events. Plus a Discord and exclusive content designed to support change making efforts and choices.

Email Subscribers get primarily shop-focused news, including alerts when sales start or when limited releases are added. If you don't want the FB or IG algorithm to be the deciding factor in whether you get that print you love, this is the option for you! Use this form to sign up for exactly the emails you want, and then add us to your contact list to be sure you get them.

Social media is where these conversations start and continue. We find and explore new ideas, discuss how facts and ideas relate to each other, and make plans for the future. It can be an unpredictable way to keep in touch, but we do our best to create good and meaningful content, and appreciate every person who joins our conversation. Our Instagram is @BleedGeeks, and our Facebook page is also @BleedGeeks.