Black and White Cats in Flannel Reusable Pads

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This is Made to Order! We will start on your item once we receive your order, and it will take approximately 2-3 weeks to ship.

This is a super comfy flannel print with black and white cats on a white background.

You have 4 different absorbency options for our pads.

$15.00 Reusable Liner
$19.00 Standard Day Pad
$21.00 XL Pad
$23.00 Heavy Pad

The pads pictures in this listing are a Heavy and a Liner.
Our liners are slightly smaller than our standards, around 8 inches.
Our standards hold about 1oz of fluid, similar to regular absorbency. They are slightly longer than liners, at around 9 inches.
The XL pads are closer to 13 inches long, and are slightly more absorbent than standards due to size.
Heavy pads are more like a Super absorbency, they have double the zorb (highly absorbent material), and they are as long as our XL pads.

Our pad lengths do vary, due to the fact that each one is handmade. Each measurement given is the closest to their standard length, though there may be slight variations that occur when crafting.

Our pads feature bound and double stitched seams for increased durability and eye-pleasing craftsmanship. We are easy on the eyes, on the body and on the environment.

As these are made-to-order, you have several options available. Let us know when ordering if you would like to customize your materials or add further waterproofing (less comfy).

Note that this fabric and any intellectual property depicted on it are not the property or creations of BleedGeeks or Bmore Comfy, nor are our products official products of those merchandising lines. We simply utilize the available licensed materials in our proprietary cloth pad construction to bring the comfort of beloved stories to our already comfy pads.