Tardigrades in Space Heavy Pad

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This listing is for one of our heavy flow handmade reusable cloth pads. It is already made and will be shipped out to you within a few days! 

This pad has a print featuring tardigrades, happily floating in space like the impervious microbears that they are!

Heavy pads are equivalent in absorbency to a disposable Super. They have double the zorb (highly absorbent material) as our XLs, and they are about 13 inches long.

Our pad lengths do vary, due to the fact that each one is handmade. Each measurement given is the closest to their standard length, though there may be slight variations that occur when crafting.

Our pads feature bound and double stitched seams for increased durability and eye-pleasing craftsmanship. We are easy on the eyes, on the body and on the environment.