Don't let perfection get in the way of progress.

If you learn just one thing from us, let it be this.➡️ ♻️ Don't let perfection get in the way of progress. Even "Zero Waste" itself is supposed to be aspirational. It's an ideal, like "good", that we can pursue and emulate. ♻️ You'll need to reassess from time to time. Sometimes you can't do as much, sometimes you'll find you can take on more than before! Adjusting does not mean you are failing now, or weren't trying hard enough before. Life fluctuates. We fluctuate. Allow your life to have seasons. ♻️ Comparison is rough, and we can't stop our brains from doing it, but we can hold compassion for ourselves. We can love our path for being OURS.
Sustainable living is not a race, nor is it a contest. We're all pioneering ways for humans to live lightly, and well, on the planet. One person may explore waste reduction, while another switches to an all-plant diet, and a third pursues community and legislative change.
They're all valid, they're all important, and each one is building the wealth of knowledge on what has worked so far, and what needs more work. Whichever calls to you, go for it. You can do the others later, after you do what's calling to you first.

Even when we're striving differently, we're working TOGETHER. Because what we're fighting for now is each other.

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