Why Cloth?

Why use cloth pads?


Our cloth pads are made with breathable, soft materials, specifically designed to be comfortable and absorbent. No crinkly plastic, no sticky tabs, and no excess sweat due to lack of air flow.


Does saving $250 a year sound good to you? The cost of one cloth pad is much greater than a single disposable. But those disposables add up!
A year’s supply of disposables (pads or tampons) can cost around $250 a year. Compare that to multiple years of coverage for roughly $150 (10-12 cloth pads). After five years, that’s over $1000 saved!


Your disposable pads will outlive you.

A disposable pad takes about 500-800 years to decompose, while your body will take a few decades max. Considering that the average woman goes through about 16,800 pads in her lifetime, that’s a pretty hefty legacy to leave.

Really? Cloth?

Yes, really.

Certain fabrics are extremely absorbent, while others are great at protecting your clothes and keeping you dry. Combined, they make for a comfortable, reliable pad.
While they can be slightly bulkier than thin disposable pads, we’ve designed ours with a streamlined silhouette to have a perfect blend of comfort, protection and absorption.
If you have sensitive skin, cloth pads are a common choice to reduce irritation.

What are your cloth pads made of?

Absorbent core.

Zorb: a thin, incredibly absorbent fabric that can retain a great deal of liquid.

Moisture barrier.

Fleece: a naturally moisture-resistant fabric that creates a barrier between the Zorb core and your clothing.

Soft outer layer.

Minky: an incredibly soft, breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin and helps keep you dry and comfortable.