What does a 'plant-rich diet' mean?

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What does a 'plant-rich diet' mean?

If your burger ate your fries, you would notice, right? Most of us are unaware of the full costs of how food animals are raised because it’s happening where we don’t see it. 🍔

The actual scale of how much plant food is taken up by being fed to animals is more like if your burger ate your fries, and then everyone else’s fries in the restaurant, and now everyone’s looking at you and glaring. Where’s my fries, Bradley?

That’s where we’re headed. Currently, we are growing enough food to feed everyone in the world, but as the global population rises, that’s going to stop being true.

We could free up a lot more food by getting it directly to people, instead of feeding it to animals. Those animals will feed far fewer people, and the graph on the last side shows how much less.
Compared to plant based foods, it takes twice as much resources to make eggs, and four times as much to make dairy. Beef takes 25 times as much resources to produce than plant based food!
Just eating less beef can reduce your carbon footprint a TON, and there’s so many other yummy things to eat instead!

To be fair, not all animals raised for food are fed human-edible crops, or kept on land that could be used to grow people food. Grazing on land that’s not farmable doesn’t create this problem, and done in certain ways (like silvopasture) it can make great strides to fight climate change!

Avoiding climate change is another reason to eat more plants and less animals, as is protecting our own health, but we’ll look at those more on another day.
Today I’m just tackling the efficiency of plant based foods versus animal based foods, and looking at the basic ideas behind a plant rich diet.

A plant-rich diet doesn’t have to be a zero-animal diet. Everyone’s going to draw their line in a different place, and that’s fine. There’s no one size feeds all solution.
But a turkey burger would only eat YOUR fries, and a veggie burger, that’s not about to eat up your fries, or anyone else’s.

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