What if pocket squares were useful, like they used to be?

What if pocket squares were useful, like they used to be?

Pocket squares were initially handkerchiefs, which were what we used instead as tissues before we made disposable paper ones. People would carry two, one for using and one for looks.

Ours are meant to be used AND worn. We call them pocket squares because hankies are much larger and thinner. Our squares are small enough to peek nicely out of a pocket and (unlike their predecessors) they are double layered, which makes them stronger and more absorbent. They’re also decorative cotton and flannel, which is far softer than the canvas used in contemporary pocket squares!

I adopted this one after taking these pictures last week, and took it with me to a funeral that I knew I’d need it for. I was so glad I brought it! Soft and absorbent was just what I needed, and the skulls brought a smile back to my face.

In a disposable world, we throw away paper tissues and towels, sometimes simply because they’re wet.
But our world isn’t disposable; it’s the only one we’ve got!
Replacing the single use items in our lives will be easier if we’re replacing them with something we WANT to keep, that we want to see time and time again.

And that friends, is our whole deal. Making doing better, actually work better and feel better! We’re such nerds about it 😂

Different things bring smiles to different people. For me its cats and skulls, and for Ezra it’s cats, eyeballs and our horror prints 😁 What’s a pattern that always makes you smile?


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