Pocket Squares Sets

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The BleedGeeks take on a handy utility cloth. We've got a sturdy, absorbent square of flannel, paired with a cotton or flannel print. These vary slightly in size but are all between 7-8 inches in height and width. These are great for anything you'd use a napkin or tissue for, clean up spills, wipe your nose, remove makeup or use them as the coolest looking cleaning rags!

Pick your print, at $3.50 each or 4 for $12, they're a great intro to reusable cloth without a hefty price tag.

Themed Packs $12
Absolutely Anything Pack (4 for $10)

The Absolutely Anything Pack will contain 4 random prints, if you have color preferences, just let us know when you order! (The Anything Pack will almost definitely contain fandoms that are not listed as well)

Wash cold to hold color and help reduce staining, and throw them in the dryer.

These are super handy to have around, and great for a wide variety of uses!
Blow your nose, clean up a spill, dry your hands, use them to clean or dust.

These also make great reusable baby wipes!

(Note that these fabrics and any intellectual property depicted on them are not the property or creations of BleedGeeks or Bmore Comfy, nor are our products official products of those merchandising lines. We simply utilize the available licensed materials in our proprietary cloth pad construction to bring the comfort of beloved stories to our already comfy pads.)